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Katatonia - “Rusted”, from The Great Cold Distance

There are certain traditions that arrive with the coming of Fall: apple cider, pumpkin ale, and Katatonia. I love the band year-round, but they never sound better than when the leaves start to fall and the nights are chilled.

(Side note: Jonas’ vocals on the chorus always remind me of Rob Catherine Wheel)

Probably a better Priest record than the latest Priest record. Dude even sounds a bit like Ripper. If you’re a fan of old-school heavy metal - and if you aren’t, you should be - you’d be hard-pressed not to like this.

Recently discovered this record and absolutely love it. Excellent mid-70’s hard rock that sounds like the grandfather to Horisont or a more polished Graveyard. The vocal harmonies are great, and the Wishbone Ash-esque guitars fit perfectly. A lost gem that shouldn’t be forgotten.

Dear God, is this a brilliant record. Incredibly heavy for 1972, and yet insanely complex at the same time. Forty years on, and it’s lost none of its power.

Not sure what to think about this yet. Just when I’m ready to write them off as a djent-ish Cynic clone that overdoes the growl-behind-clean vocals a bit too much, it comes together as something quite good. Needs time to digest…

"Salt the Wound", the latest track from Exodus’ forthcoming record Blood In, Blood Out. Picks up right where Tempo of the Damned left off, and that’s a really good thing! And if you needed another reason to listen, Hammett solos too.

God, it sounds great to have Zetro back…

I literally almost wore out my cassette of this album when it was released. It remains an old friend that I know by heart, even down to the bits where J Mascis’ voice cracks.

I know this song is somewhat overplayed, but it’s such a good track. The riff is solid, and Schenker’s solo in the middle is a thing of beauty.

Woke up with this song in my head this morning. Always a good excuse to listen to one of my all-time favorite records!

Loved this single, but wasn’t big on the full record last year, so I thought I’d give it another go to see if I was mistaken. I wasn’t. Not bad in a Billy Squire kind of way, but it squanders the promise of the single in an incredibly dissapointing way.